The number one reason that people don't workout is time and access to a gym. The Mighty TheraBox solves this problem.

Back strengthening and flexibility

Bicep strengthening and flexibility 

Shoulder strengthening and flexibility

Do your exercises sitting or standing. It does more than 20 different exercise. it comes with written and access to online instructions. It comes with multiple color coded resistances bands. This is the perfect gym for people on the go or for use right at home. The set up is quick, it's easy to use, it fits in a box and can go anywhere with you. No Excuses, its time to workout and get into shape. Order the TheraBox today.  

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Used for shin strengthening, a significant exercise for healing of plantar fasciitis, foot drop, shin splints, promotes healing with ankle/foot injuries, toe injuries, reduces pain and stiffness. 

Used for calf stretching, (has three different levels of stretching). An out-standing tool to stretch out tight achilles tendon, tight calf muscles, excellent for treatment of many different ankle/foot injuries, reduces pain and stiffness associated with arthritis.

Used for calf strengthening, a remarkably good exercise tool for treatment of many different types of ankle/foot injuries and general weakness. Additionally an important tool for the treatment of sprains, strains, tendonitis, pain and more. Thera-Box stretching video  Thera-Box resistance band strengthening video. 

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