Directions for use of TheraBox Ankle/Foot

Example of band placement: thread band through bottom hole in side and rear of box, or in top hole at rear of box, depending on the exercise of choice. Next tie band tightly over top of box as seen in photo. This provides consistent tension for exercise with color band of choice. Note: these are the only two holes used in which the resistance band is threaded through, concerning all exercises with the box. 


Calf muscle: Thread resistance band through top hole at rear of box, next tie band tightly across top of box. 

Finish by stretching band toward front of box and secure under dowel. 

Once band is in place on box, place foot pedal on resistance band. 

Calf muscle exercise: from a sitting position place box in comfortable position on floor. 

Place foot on black strip of foot pedal and press up and down completely as seen in photo.

Shin muscle: place foot pedal on bottom of box with black strip up as seen in photo. Thread band through bottom hole of box, tie band tightly across top of box. Next stretch band toward front of box and secure band under wooden dowel as seen in photo. To start exercise place foot on black strip of pedal with instep of foot under band as in photo. Keeping heal on black strip pulling upward with instep of foot in up and down motion as in photo.

Calf stretching: place wooden dowel In hole closest to floor for light stretch. 

Place wooden dowel in second hole up from floor as in photo for challenging stretch.

Place wooden dowel in top rear hole of box for high level stretch. 

Place foot on black strip on pedal without lifting heal off pedal and lean forward for stretch to tolerance.  

Directions for use of TheraBox upper body exercise.

Place foot pedal as seen in bottom of box. Next thread color band of choice in the hole at bottom and in rear of box as seen in photo. Tie band tightly across top of box as seen in photo.

Place wooden dowel in top and at rear of box as seen in photo.

Loop the band over the wooden dowel, pull band over wooden dowel (both sides of box) and toward front of box as seen in photo. Secure band under wooden dowel. 

When band is in place correctly, it should look the same as the green band in photo. From sitting position, place box in comfortable position in front of you and on floor. Place foot on black strip of pedal and pull resistance band up over instep of foot as in photo. Next loop the color band of choice under wooden dowel, then wrap band around each of your hand as in photo. Begin exercise of choice. Multiple exercises can be down either standing or sitting. 

***Note: not to be played with or used by children. 

Click on links below to see video on how to use the Thera-Box or go to youtube and type in ankle foot and upper body strengthening box or ankle foot stretching box Thera-Box Thera-Box stretching video  Thera-Box resistance band strengthening video. 

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