Studying the motion of the drum pedal inspired me to build this Thera-Box. Compare the motion of the drum pedals to the Thera-box


If stretching or strengthening of multiple muscles is your goal no one should be without the Thera-Box.


Below are basic techniques and a description of the muscles used while drumming.

                                             1                                                                        2


Heal up


Heal down


Photo 1 - The muscle groups used to play heel up are slightly different than those used to play heel down. The predominant muscle groups necessary to play using this technique include the hip flexors (iliopsoas), the foot/plantar flexor muscles (soleus), and the foot elevators (anterior tibialis). These muscles also work in conjunction with the core musculature to maintain balance and trunk stabilization. The hip flexor muscles elevate the leg, bringing the foot off the pedal and releasing the beater from the drumhead. The foot flexor muscles push the foot down to depress the pedal, driving the beater into the drumhead. The anterior tibialis muscle eccentrically contracts (lengthens) to assist slow ankle and foot plantar flexion 



Photo 2 - There are predominately four muscle groups in addition to the core that work synchronously to permit the foot and ankle to move the drum pedal while playing heel down. In order to allow the beater to move away from the drumhead, the foot must point upward while the heel rests on the floor. To bring the foot upward, the foot elevators or dorsiflexors (anterior tibialis, peroneals) and toe extensor muscles are activated. In order to drive the beater into the drumhead, the foot must push downward while the heel stays on the floor. To push the foot downward, the foot depressors or plantarflexors (soleus) and the toe flexors are activated 


As you can see, playing the drums requires the core and various leg muscles to be trained and conditioned, regardless of the preferred technique. While conditioning as a drummer keep in mind that strengthening and conditioning of the ankle-foot-calf-shin-muscles are vital for the drummer to play with speed and endurance. 

This is why the Thera-Box-strengthening-and stretching box is a great exercise tool for any level durmmer!



Click on links below to see videos on how to use the Thera-Box Thera-Box stretching video  Thera-Box resistance band strengthening video. 

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