My Story

                                          Why the TheraBox was invented?




My idea came from studying a drummers foot pedal, and the muscles used while playing. I am the designer and inventor of the TheraBox. I designed this tool because I was frustrated with the products I had purchased and was using for strengthening the lower extremities and upper extremities. They were for the most part light weight plastic boxes that tipped over and lifted off the floor during use, and furthermore were not stable enough to do the intended exercise. The tensions did not go low enough or have the variable tensions needed for strengthening most of my patients or clients. For example, one of my patients lower extremities and ankle / feet  became so weak that he could hardly press up or down with his feet. I wanted to create a tool that would provide very minimal resistance to start, but was very stable and versatile enough to provide many different tensions from very little to very heavy so that he could begin strengthening his lower extremities and ankle feet while sitting in this weakened condition.

      So I invented this box and began using a low resistance band with him, and eventually he worked his way up to a mid level band with good muscle strengthening noted. Subsequently, he was able to walk again over-time. This ankle foot strengthening box played a major roll in his recovery. 

       This tool provides for a multitude of exercises and a multitude of tensions from minimal to maximal. It is versatile and unique in the way it provides for its resistance, using simple inexpensive resistance bands. This is a great tool for working out at the office, the hotel or right at home. 

      This TheraBox is so unique because of the way it functions, it's an outstanding  exercise tool for both upper and lower body stretching and strengthening providing more than 20 different exercises. The TheraBox is already in many rehabilitation centers, homes, medical centers and gyms across America. 

Click on Links below to see videos on how to use the TheraBox Thera-Box stretching video  Thera-Box resistance band strengthening video. 

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