Thera-Box is the leading product on the market for improving ankle foot function and resolving pain

Updated: May 27, 2018

Do you have ankle / foot pain such as plantar fasciitis, shin splints, foot drop, general stiffness associated with arthritis, or general weakness?

Important message for you: You can do many of the exercise the therapist would give you at the clinic to heal your ankle foot right at home with theThera-box. Purchase now to begin to heal and resolve your ankle foot pain.

Why purchase the Thera-Box?

it's maintaince free.

It's rugged and can withstand everyday use in a busy rehab center without breaking down.

It has been tried and tested in rehab centers, doctors offices, nursing homes, hospitals and clinics for years with outstanding success..

It's assisted individuals with recovery from a multitude of ankle foot injuries, general weakness, stiffness and more. (See testimonials at,

It's heavy duty, it don't slip or tip during use.

It uses simple resistance bands that provide for a multitude of tensions that are quick to change and easy to use, as a result anyone can benefit from using the Thera-Box.

Just place the color band of your choice through the holes on the box and start use.

You will get three resistance bands and pictured directions with the Thera-Box and access to video directions online too.

All you have to do is purchase the Mighty Thera-Box, remove it from its container and start using it. It is that simple.

The Thera-Box is at the head of its class because of it's superior function and effectiveness.

Go to or and purchase NOW. Note the Thera-Box can also be purchased on or simply by typing in therabox or Thera-box in the search box.

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