Thera-Box its the leading product on the market for improving ankle foot function and resolving pain

The Thera-Box provides more exercises than any other exercise box on the market. Its rugged structure makes it more stable and more durable than any other exercise tool of it's class. It function and effectiveness makes it the very best choice for purchase. Just a few of the exercies that can be done with the Thera-Box are depicted below. Top left photo: shin strengthening a must have if you have weak shin muscles, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, foot drop and recovery of any ankle foot injury. Middle top photo: ankle foot stretching, with three levels of stretching providing for low, medium and high level stretching adjustments: a must have if you have tight achilles tendons, tight calf muscles, stiffness, joint pain, Arthritis, or recovering from any ankle / foot injury. Bottom left photo: Calf strengthening: a must have if you have decreased leg circulation, decreased range of motion, general calf muscle weakness, recovering from any ankle / foot injury. Bottom middle & Right photo: upper body strengthening and flexibility: a must have for all upper body strengthening and flexibility needs. Top right photo: a top side view of the Thera-Box. As you can see its rugged structure can stand up to every day use even in a busy rehab center where many are all ready being used. More importantly: It won't slip or tip during use. Therefore, it is the perfect exercise tool for exercising the the intended muscle groups of your choice. Which improves the function and effectiveness of this exercise tool resulting in improved ankle/foot function and general over all improved strength and flexibility. Look for use on our website and purchase at or purchase on or type in Thera-box and purchase NOW. Thera-Box stretching video  Thera-Box resistance band strengthening video. 

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