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Originally we created the "Thera-Box" to target specific muscle groups, abnormalities and injuries of the ankle/foot and legs. The Thera-Box more than exceeded all our expectations in function and effectiveness. Later, we modified it to target both upper and lower body stretching, strengthening and flexibility. The result is a new Mighty Thera-Box. The "Thera-Box" is set up for a multiple of different tensions from very low to very high. This way everyone can benefit from using the it. It's extraordinarily adaptable and can be used for targeting many ankle foot abnormalities, including status post ankle foot injuries, general weakness, stiffness associated with arthritis, decreased range of motion and more. .

Important message to you: the"Thera-Box" is not only the right exercise tool to provide proper treatment for these abnormalities, but if used regularly it can help to prevent such abnormalities from occurring again. The "Thera-Box" is the best exercise tool on the market for improving ankle foot function and reducing pain and stiffness. Buy NOW build up your flexibility, your strength, increase your range of motion, start the healing process and resolve your pain.

Below are photos of the Thera-Box and some to the exercises it can perform.

Worthy of mentioning is that the "Thera-Box" can do more exercises than any other box sold on the market. It's made to last, and it does the job it is intended to. That is to provide therapeutic exercise to the ankle foot and improve overall ankle foot function and flexibility.This small but Mighty "Thera-Box" is the perfect exercise tool for preventing and healing ankle foot abnormalities such as, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, foot drop, decreased ankle foot range of motion associated with arthritis, decreased leg circulation, fluid build up in legs, general weakness, pan and more. Additionally, it does upper body flexibility and strengthening too. Making it your own little but highly effective home exercise gym. But, the boxes unique capability to do upper body and lower body exercise doesn't mean that it loses its effectiveness for what is was built to do. In fact, it continues to be the number one product on the market for improving ankle foot function and resolving pain. Additionally, with routine use of the "Thera-Box" it can in fact prevent ankle / foot injuries, especially those persistent reoccurring injuries such as plantar fasciitis, splint splints and general ankle foot tendonitis. It's ideal for stretching too, you will definitely get the stretch you need with one of the three different levels of stretching it provides. It has a low level gentle stretch which is a great stretching routine too begin with, then you can progress to a medium or high level aggressive stretch for the advanced users. It's also an awesome exercise tool for calf and shin strengthening. It's trademark is that it is adaptable to the multitude of exercises required to treat and heal most ankle foot abnormalities and all of your general stretching and strengthening needs. This is because of the all the different levels of tension for strengthening and stretching it provides. The versatility of the Thera-Box is the hallmark of the product. This is what makes the "Thera-Box" so unique.

Buy Now, you will be glad you did, and your feet will be happy too. Go to or or you can also purchase on or by typing on the search box therabox or Thera-Box.

David J Bragga

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