"My name is Amber Gul M.D.  My uncle recently loss the use of his left foot concerning active range of motion and strength secondary to a neurological condition. I first seen the Thera-box in a facility that I am the medical director. I noted that the therapy department was having good success with this exercise tool called the Thera-Box and I purchased one for my uncle. I was delighted with the results: after just a few weeks he was moving his foot normally. I have noted that the Thera-Box improves strength, gait and balance in our medically complex patients who are often de-conditioned. It is a very simple and effective design and is user friendly. It's low maintaince; all you need to do is replace the resistance band after repeated uses or to increase resistance. I regularly recommend this Thera-box to many of my patients in my private care practice. I recommend the Thera-Box  to anyone with goals of increasing flexibility or strength."

Amber Gul M.D 


 "The strengthening box is a great asset to our rehab gym. Not only is it used for increasing strength, motor control, and stability but also to replicate functional tasks such as driving. These box can be used for all patients at different levels of function. The box is great for patients with ankle/foot injuries, CVA, weakness, and other neurological diagnoses. The design is simple and easy to use for both therapists and patients. Resistance bands can be changed easily to progress patients as their strength increases. The strengthening box is a versatile tool and is highly recommended in any rehab facility and setting. "

Kristina Perez, DPT



"As a physical therapist, I am always looking for equipment that is both effective and simple to use. “The box” is a versatile tool, as a patient can be progressed easily just by changing the bands. There are so many applications for this device, including: foot drop, stroke, ankle/foot injuries and surgeries, weakness, proprioception issues, neurological problems, TBI, etc. It is a well-designed tool that is easy to use for patients and therapists alike. It has become an important, “go to” device in our rehab department."

Eileen J Bialek, PT



"The box is a very effective tool we use to strengthen the ankle in the significantly deconditioned patient population. It’s fun, effective, easy to use, and can be easily progressed to challenge all patients. The simple design won’t overwhelm your patients; it’s a perfect tool to work on improving strength, stability, and endurance in the ankle joint. I definitely recommend using this device in your facility."

Raymond Goddu DPT



"We have been using the therapeutic ankle foot-strengthening box at our facility for two years. Staff like the ease of use and ability to change resistance as a patient progresses or between patients. Some report residents with cognitive limits or neurological deficits find it easier to use than other plantar flexion strengthening activities. Others find the ability to replicate functional tasks, like drumming or driving a car, to be the best feature the box adds to our toolbox."

Jerry St. Jacques, MSPT 



"The first time that I used the therapeutic ankle foot /strengthening box was with a stroke patient that had extremely weak ankles. We began with the lowest resistance bands and worked up to higher resistance bands using several different tensions along the way. Over time the strength of his ankle foot muscles improved and eventually he began to walk and returned home. This box was an essential part of his therapy because he had left sided weakness that limited him from doing many types of exercise from a lack of dexterity. I believe this box was the principle piece of equipment in assisting my patient in his recovery. I have been using the therapy box ever since with many of my patients. I highly recommend this exercise box. This one is a keeper!"

Stephanie Hopkinson RPT




"In our Rehab facility we call it "The Box".  As the Director of Rehab I have seen the strengthening box become one of the most vital assets to our therapy department.  Whether it be assisting with neurological disorders or just simple foot drop caused by impingment, " the box", has helped numerous clients regain their strength and function to return them to a quality of life that they may have not envisioned. Its a perfect piece of equipment that is simple to use with various purposes and levels of resistance. We have had several clients return home requesting their own personal box to add to there collection of equipment to continue to manage their rehabilation program.  Any rehab setting including outpatient, inpatient, and home care would benefit greatly from adding "the box" to there arsenal of equipment."

Alan St. Pierre PTA/Rehab Director



"As a Physical Therapist Asst. The Therapeutic ankle/foot strengthening box is an extrodinary piece of equipment to have in my workplace! Working with this piece of equipment has helped many of my patients! From reducing edema in the ankles to increasing strength in the foot and ankle muscles to help promote an increase in range of motion and mobility for my patients to return to their daily living task! This strengthening box has truly changed my way of treating my patients! It's awesome!! 

Janessa Matos PTA.



I have just started using “the box” and I am totally on board with it. I have used it in geriatric and Alzheimer/ dementia units, which is easy for patients to understand as pushing down on the gas like pedal is like driving a car. I like the aspect that it gives consistent resistance throughout the entire exercise instead of using hand held resistance bands in-which the therapist has to pull and or hold for the patient resulting in their own unequal interpretation of the resistance . I would recommend this to any therapy department with any age or diagnosis to use this with their patients."

Linda Hurder PTA



"We love "The Box" in our rehab facility as it is the answer to strengthening the ankle foot muscles.  The client can be instructed and can perform the work independently as it is easy and safe to use.  It has benefitted clients with neurological disorders, foot drop, Parkinson's Disease and general weakness.  Patient's using "The Box" have demonstrated increased safety with gait and transfers as the normal mechanics are restored to the ankle/lower leg. "

Rose Marie Cazzani, PTA/Rehab Director



"I've been a clinician long enough in multiple fields ranging from rehab hospital, outpatient and skilled nursing facilities where I have used "The Box" with all age groups dealing with both orthopedic and neurological diagnosis. It came to be a very useful tool. Especially  its simplicity of use with exercises and gaining active range, motor control, ankle stability, increased sensation and weight bearing tying all of the above to all aspects of gait training, community re-entry, environmental transition and simple PLOF goals for patients to return back to their homes and their lives. "

Pedro M. Garcia, PTA/Rehab Director



"I am personally a huge fan of "The Box". I have used it in the rehab facility I work at with multiple different patients who encompass a variety of medical diagnoses/conditions. The particiular patients I have used "The Box" with are preparing to be discharged back into the community and have had concerns regarding driving and operating the gas/break pedals. It is a great tool for community re-integration in that it can be used to simulate driving, taking into account the motor movements and lower extremity strength  incorporated with the task of driving. It can also be used as a graded LE strengthening device in that the theraband can be swapped out for bands of greater or lesser resistance. In my opinion, "The Box" is a definite "must have" item in all rehab facilities that discharge patients back to the community at independent levels of function."

Bryan Paterson, MOT, OTR/L



"I have found this device to be very helpful with patients who have had multiple occurrences of falls. By concentrating on the concentric and eccentric contraction of the ankle foot muscles with use of this therapy ankle strengthening box. Moreover, I find  notable measurable increases in strength can be attained, thus, decreasing the risk of future falls."

Dino B. Iacobo, OTR/L  



"I have been working as a restorative aid for many years. I was introduced to the ankle foot- strengthening-box through the therapy department. As a restorative aid I work with many patients in the course of one day. I began to use it with some of my patient’s that had general weakness of the lower extremities. I have been using it daily now with many of my patient’s because it works so well. I have noticed better balance with gait and transfers with the patients after using the therapy box. This exercise box not only helps my patents to strengthen and improve their balance but it helps me too, it helps me with important time management skills while doing exercise groups. Now it seems I never have enough of the boxes to go around for my entire patient caseload in the course of a day. I recommend it highly. I love it, and it works awesome. "

Maria Fortes Restorative Aid /CNA



"Working as a restorative aid I see multiple patients throughout the course of day. It is common for our patients to have weak ankle foot muscle whereas many of them are elderly. I began to use the therapy box daily to assist my patients with strengthening these muscles. This is a great tool because many of my patients have limited range of motion and dexterity is usually restricted. This box allows them to just sit in the chair and use it like a gas pedal to strengthen the ankle foot. I find myself relying on this tool everyday. I believe this is a great tool for the patient because it is so simple to use. I would recommend this box to anyone that works with the elderly population or anyone in need of strengthen the ankle foot muscles. "

Jeanne Sylvester Restorative Aid/CNA



"I was born with clubfeet and had to have several surgeries when I was a boy. After that I needed constant physical therapy daily as a child into my adult years. Likewise, today I continue to work on my range of motion and strengthening of my feet. I work in a rehab center now as facilitates director and was introduced to this ankle foot-strengthening box by the rehab department in my building. The physical therapist showed my how to use it, and I have been using daily ever since. It helps me with my range of motion and keeps my feet strong and decreases my pain. I feel this box has been heaven sent for me, and I would recommend it to anyone that needs range of motion and strengthening of their feet. I have purchased two therapy boxes and the bands since then. It’s has worked awesome for me! "

Rob Sechio



"I used the therapeutic ankle/foot strengthening box after a surgery that left me with a moderate case of foot drop. It's small enough that I was able to take it with me anywhere . Before long, I had full function of my foot and ankle back- the footdrop was gone! "

Joseph Manera , Johnston, RI



"After I had a stroke I was unable to drive due to weakness in my right leg. I used the foot / ankle strengthener at the outpatient clinic - the results were outstanding. This product made it possible for me to regain my independence."

David Ellis, Providence, RI 



"I was first introduced to the Therapeutic ankle/foot strengthening box three years ago and I've been utilizing it with patient's since. This device has been very beneficial with helping patients regain strength to participate in their daily acitivities. The Therapeutic ankle/foot strengthening box has been very valuable to drummers who want to strengthen and relieve ankle pain from constant hours of playing as well."

Christopher Montella COTA/L, LMT



"My husband has a chronic genetic condition where his ankles and knees become weak. This box was introduced to me by a Physical Therapist colleague. When my husband goes through these periods of exacerbation, he uses this box for strengthening. It's a great low impact approach that can be done while sitting comfortably anywhere."

Janelle W., Barrington, RI



"“The Box” has become one of our most used tools here at our therapy department. This is a major part of our community re-integration program for driving with elders in preparation for optimal safety when entering the community. This versatile box assists with our patients with strengthening of the ankle and foot at all levels. In addtion, you can simply change the resistance bands out for graded exercise very quickly. I use it a lot  with simulating driving task such as using the brake and gas pedal. It's great to be able to incorporate actual ADL's into your treatment plan before discharge home.! Our residents love it!"

Christina Allard COTA/L



"I was introduced to the ankle-strengthening box about two years ago, since that time it become an integral part of many of my patient’s coordination and ADL skills development. More importantly it has played an important roll in their preparation for their return home. It has improved the skills required for donning compression stockings and driving (this box simulates very well). I use the box to transition my patients to independent living. I highly recommend this exercise box. I just wish it had a better name." 

Angel Berrios COTA/L 



"Patient's with ADL deficits can face an uphill battle returning to their prior level of function and independence. In my experience, the Therapeutic ankle/foot strengthening box has been instrumental in these patient's regaining safe functional mobility skills. These patient's are more confident in performing ADL's upon their discharge. This box has been a wonderful complementary tool in our therapy program, and would certainly benefit any SNF/Rehab looking for a simple yet efficient therapuetic tool to use with patient's!"

Mark Pontarelli, COTA/L



"I went to the doctor because I was falling down a lot at my house. He told me that my left foot had (foot drop), because my leg was swelling up so much. He sent me to a short-term in-patient rehabilitation facility. While I was there having therapy, they introduced me to the “the box”. I began to use it a couple of times each day with therapy. My swelling went down, my foot got stronger, and the foot drop went away. It worked great for me! I recommend “the box” highly, it was easy to use and it works."

Sonia Galletti 



"This device has been extremely beneficial as an adjunct activity for improving LE coordination and strength for dressing tasks. Most important the patients really enjoy using it. It is easy to use and can easily be brought to a patients room or other location in the facility. I highly recommend this product."

Jennifer Botelho, COTA/L

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNxn_OTEj1Q Thera-Box stretching video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsaO42RtlJs  Thera-Box resistance band strengthening video.




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