Originally I created the TheraBox  to target specific muscle groups, abnormalities and injuries of the ankle/foot and legs. The Thera-Box more than exceeded all of my expectations in function and effectiveness. Later, I modified it to target both upper and lower body stretching and strengthening. The result is a new Mighty Thera-Box. The TheraBox is setup for a multitude of different tensions from very low to very high. It is extraordinarily adaptable and can be used for multiple exercises. Yet it does not lose it's intended specificity for targeting ankle/foot abnormalities, injuries and weakness.    

     Why buy this box? Because it maintenance free, Its very simple to use, its rugged and able to withstand everyday use in a busy rehab center. Its heavy duty so won't slip or tip during use. Additionally, simple resistance bands provide for multiple tensions. Just put the band of your choice though the holes on the box and begin use. Its that simple. You will get three resistance bands when you purchase the TheraBox. Simply remove the TheraBox from its container and start using with your new resistance bands. Note: and if you need more resistance bands they are simple and in-expensive to purchase. Just go on line or visit a local sporting goods store.




As we age we loose muscle mass. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, from our bodies malabsorption of nutrients to the degeneration of our muscles themselves. These are the hard facts. This is why people have difficulty with their mobility as they age, even when pain is not associated with their immobility. However, the good news is that we can slow down the process significantly, by encouraging our parents, grandparents and even ourselves to exercise daily and monitor nutrition closely.


     Tufts University states "That strength training is the Primary Weapon Against Aging". Researchers at the Tufts University exercise lab states "That strength training is a potent age eraser. It is their weapon of choice for fighting physical declines associated with aging".



      Without use and exercise muscles can weaken and get tight over time. This can cause muscular imbalances, unexpected falls and injuries. We have noted that exercising with the TheraBox improved overall muscular strength 50 to 75% by simply increasing the tension within in a shot period of time. Purchasing the mighty TheraBox will improve your strength, flexibility, health and quality of life. 


  A few of the injuries and abnormalities we have had success treating with the TheraBox

Foot drop, plantar fasciitis, ankle weakness, ankle sprains, ankle sprains, decreased range of motion, arthritis, general weakness, foot pain, general pain, leg swelling, leg and upper body weakness, parkinson disease, strokes, aneurysms, gillian barre syndrome, chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, (CIDP),multiple sclerosis, myasthenia graves.

The Thera-Box is great for treating any abnormality the causes swelling, weakness, pain or deconditioning as noted.

See videos below on how to use the TheraBox Thera-Box stretching video  Thera-Box resistance band strengthening video. 

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